Caring for your My Icon products

Wash: We recommend washing your new product on a cycle that is lower than 30 degrees. The cooler the wash the better as this will mean your new product will retain its shape and colour for longer.

Dry: When it comes to drying, we would have to say that good old-fashioned line drying is the way to go! You should never put your products in the tumble dryer or leave them on the radiator as this can cause slight shrinkage over time and can also lead to fading. Also, line drying uses no electricity and is the best option for the environment.

Iron: If you like your products to be wrinkle free then you can iron them, but remember not to iron over the motif as this will damage the print. A little tip would be to turn them inside out whilst ironing. Your iron will need to be set to a low-medium heat.